Tuesday, November 17, 2020

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On iNews, Matthew Parris, presenter of BBC radio’s Great Lives, says he has come to the conclusion that the 'key to genius is a traumatic childhood'.
Next we have cruelty, oppression and prejudice. The Brontë sisters, and the way they were thrown into unspeakable conditions at school, exemplify this.
And yet Anne never went to Cowan Bridge.

Writer Nina Stibbe talks about the books that shaped her on Good Housekeeping.
The book that uplifts you...
Sally Bayley grew up in a dilapidated seaside town with her mother, several younger siblings, and extended family. An early tragedy plunges her mother into a depression and results in chronic neglect. Like many of us, she escaped into books and soon fictional characters– among them Miss Marple, Jane Eyre, Milly-Molly-Mandy and Betsey Trotwood were as real to her as her own family. Later, as an adult she has borrowed voices from literary classics again to make sense of the strange goings-on in her dysfunctional family’s past and tell the story of her chaotic childhood. I highly recommend the author’s exuberant reading of the audiobook for the full effect of this beguiling, eccentric, funny memoir.
Shine (China) reports on a recent translators' symposium at which
Students from the university performed by dubbing an episode of the American sitcom “Growing Pains,” which was translated by Zhang Chunbai, a professor of the university, and read a chapter from the British novel “Jane Eyre.” (Yang Meiping)


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