Tuesday, October 20, 2020

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This is the second installment of the Rock'n'Roll Brontës series by Tracy Neis (the first one was Mr. R, published a couple of years ago):

Restless Spirits (Rock-and-Roll Brontës)
by Tracy Neis
Neis Family Publications   
ISBN-13 : 978-1734360011
October 2020

Bad luck happens in threes.Or so it would seem for British Invasion-era keyboardist Jim McCudden. First his car conks out on him in a desolate patch of Northern Ohio farmland. Then he suffers a crippling injury while seeking shelter in a seemingly abandoned cottage. But Jim’s troubles really begin when he meets the cottage’s proprietors—an ethereal hippie chick named Cathy and her bad-tempered ex-boyfriend Cliff.Meanwhile, across the pond, English piano teacher Maggie Grayson finds herself hosting more visitors than she can handle when she opens her home to three uninvited guests—Jim’s two children and the disembodied spirit of a garrulous governess named Agnes.This rock-and-roll romp through Wuthering Heights and Agnes Grey brings together the plots and characters from Emily and Anne Brontë’s classic novels in a toe-tapping ghost story that will set your heart racing and your spirit soaring.


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