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A couple of new scholar approaches to the Brontës:
Ecdysis: Rewriting the Victorian Madwoman
Master Thesis by Chloe Beatrice Riley
Monash University, October 2020

My creative writing thesis consists of a lesbian novella that responds to Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre (1847) and Henry Lawson’s ‘The Drover’s Wife’ (1892), and the streams of feminist criticism and literature incited by their representations of madness and Otherness. This is accompanied by a study of Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea (1966) and Kate Jennings’ Snake (1996), that interrogates how these feminist writers challenge the oppressive characterisations of madness and mental illness in these Victorian works; and demonstrates how their revisions have informed the creation of my own lesbian narrative about social oppression, madness, mental illness, and internalised homophobia.
A Study of Wuthering Heights from the Perspective of Eco-Criticism
Fatemeh Sadat Basirizadeh, Mahnaz Soqandi, Narges Raoufzadeh, Narges Zarei, Abdurahman Adisaputera
Vol 3, No 4 (2020)
Bir-LE Journal

This research paper attempts to explore the novel, Wuthering Heights, through the lens of Eco criticism and it explores the relationship between human    and nature in the novel. Literature can be perceived as an aesthetically and culturally constructed part of the environment, since it directly addresses the questions of human constructions, such as meaning, value, language, and imagination, which can, then, be linked to the problem of ecological consciousness that humans need to attain.Consciousness raising in environmental thinking, and the ethical and aesthetic dilemmas posed by the global ecological crisis. The task of ecocriticism, is to express a conceptual foundation for the study of interconnections between literature and the environment. Through An Eco criticism viewpoint the researcher would like to discuss about the emotional and physical of characters   Get along nature as essential for building development-based novel of ecological self.


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