Saturday, July 18, 2020

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A new radio play available via Murder Cafe:
Hudson Valley Radio Theatre presents
Wuthering Heights
Featuring Jessica Boyd, Lauren Thayer, Dan Anderson, Wil Anderson, Caitlyn Connelly and Luke Latorre.
Directed and edited by Jessica Boyd and Frank Marquette.

Emily Brontë’s classic of the Victorian Age, a harrowing tale, written by a girl whose life was as bleak and somber as the Yorkshire moors where this story is laid.
It follows the life of Heathcliff, a mysterious person, from childhood to his death in his late thirties. Heathcliff rises in his adopted family and then is reduced to the status of a servant, running away when Cathy, the young woman he loves, decides to marry another. Join us in the crumbling house on Wuthering Heights, where the candle burns low in a dreary guest room. There’s no sound but the wind outside and the hushed voice of the old maidservant, Ellen, as she tells her story.



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