Tuesday, June 30, 2020

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Daily Mail jokes that Charlotte Brontë might be accused of 'cultural appropriation' because she owned a pair of moccasins.
Meanwhile, it has been revealed that the Brontë Parsonage museum contains a pair of Native American moccasins which belonged to Charlotte Brontë.
That’s her off the reading list. And I give the Brontë statue outside her old home in Yorkshire a couple more days before some lunatic tears it down.
Charlotte Brontë must fall! (Richard Littlejohn)
The statue is in the back garden so hopefully it will be safe ;)

US News recommends Jane Eyre for your 'ACT, SAT Summer Reading List'.
"Jane Eyre," a classic novel by Charlotte Brontë, is a great starting point. A story about love and overcoming life’s struggles, "Jane Eyre" employs a rich lexicon while reporting on the plot’s many characters. Thus, this work allows students to prepare for two key types of ACT and SAT reading questions: understanding vocabulary in context and recalling details. (Tiffany Sorensen)
Broadway World shares a video of Emily Wong performs a Schubert piano sonata included in the ABT's production of Jane Eyre that was to be performed in the MET these days.
American Ballet Theatre has released a new Orchestral Performance video!
Emily Wong, an ABT Company pianist and member of ABT's Orchestra, plays the Piano Sonata in B flat from Jane Eyre
The piece by Franz Schubert takes place during the final pas de deux of Act I.
The Sunday Times (South Africa) has trouble telling real people apart from imaginary people in a review of the book Sea Star Summer by Sally Partridge.
Whip-smart, sarcastic and beautiful, Naomi prefers the company of Agatha Christie and Jane Eyre to real-life people. (Anna Stroud)
Agatha Christie was real people.

MACG on the song Beautiful Liar by VIXX:
Beautiful Liar” is a K-pop gothic story. And no, we’re not talking modern goth. The literary Gothic stories such as “Wuthering Heights” or “Frankenstein.” The symbolism alone is enough to make my head spin, but to remember that these are the same guys who gave us “Dynamite“?! It’s mind boggling. (Jess)
El cultural (Spain) discusses the use of pseudonyms. There's an interesting post on Penzance and the Brontës on Cornish Story.


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