Sunday, June 14, 2020

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Another scholar book with Brontë-related content:
Fashion and Authorship
Literary Production and Cultural Style from the Eighteenth to the Twenty-First Century
Editors: Gerald Egan
Palgrave MacMillan
ISBN 978-3-030-26897-8

Studies of fashion and literature in recent decades have focused primarily on representations of clothing and dress within literary texts. But what about the author? How did he dress? What where her shopping practices and predilections? What were his alliances with modishness, stylishness, fashion? The essays in this book explore these and other questions as they look at authors from the eighteenth century through the postmodern and digital eras, cultural producers who were also men and women of fashion: Alexander Pope, Hester Thrale, Mary Robinson, Lord Byron, William Thackeray, Charlotte Brontë, Wilkie Collins, Margaret Oliphant, Virginia Woolf, Rebecca West, Trudi Kanter, Angela Carter, and Martin Margiela. The essays collected here ultimately converge upon a fundamental question: what happens to our notions of timeless literature when authorship itself is implicated in the transient and the temporary, the cycles and materials of fashion?
Includes the chapter 'Fashioning Femininity in the 1840s: Charlotte Brontë and Villette by Birgitta Berglund.


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