Sunday, December 22, 2019

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The Atlantic analyzes the sitcom Frasier, and particularly the 'missing' Maris character: 
That’s not to defend Maris as a character, such as she is. She is not the witch of Wicked, mistold and thus misunderstood. She is certainly not the Mrs. Rochester of Wide Sargasso Sea. Maris, when Frasier does offer revelations about her personality, is selfish; she’s hyperbolic; she’s the kind of person that Frasier, were someone to call in to his radio show with a complaint about her, might describe as “toxic.” (Megan Garber)
The Observer reports that the end of the grouse shooting is in sight in Brontë country:
The Glorious Twelfth may soon be a little quieter in Brontë country. Animal welfare groups are hailing a “landmark” decision by Yorkshire’s largest landowner to review the leasing of its land to grouse shoots.
In addition to potentially spelling the end of shoots on land owned by Yorkshire Water, campaigners say it will improve the biodiversity and sustainability of the moors because gamekeepers will no longer burn heather to create the ideal conditions for the birds, something that can damage the underlying peat.
In a major shift the utility company has confirmed that it will review the leases on 13 areas of moorland it owns – including Haworth Moor, synonymous with the Brontë sisters – when they come up for renewal. (Jamie Doward)
Estadão (Brazil) talks about the local publication of Charlotte Brontë's The Lost Manuscripts:
Obra conta a rocambolesca história do livro que guardava manuscritos de Charlotte Brontë.
Sai no Brasil 'Os Manuscritos Perdidos de Charlotte Brontë', com textos de pesquisadores sobre uma das mais importantes descobertas recentes acerca das irmãs Brontë e muitas imagens. (Maria Fernanda Rodrigues) (Translation)


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