Sunday, January 06, 2019

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Reading pleasures on the Mail Tribune:
Have you ever read a book that absorbed you so completely it changed your life? That has happened to me several times in my 70-something years.
It started with “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Brontë, a book most often described as “a plain tale with few pretensions.” It ushered me into my adolescence and through the “buffetings of circumstance” that every teen and young adult experience. I wrote a book report on it in high school and got an A-plus. I’d never thought of myself as a writer until I received that tremendously affirming grade. (...)
This year for Christmas I gave my husband, and several of my reading friends, the newly published “1,000 Books to Read Before You Die” by James Mustich. It could be described as a bucket list for aging readers. It’s quite a big tome and heavy to hold because the author provides descriptive information on each recommended book. The 1847 Brontë novel is in there, of course. Its well-crafted summary is nested between “Navigator of the Flood” by Marie Brelich, a book that analyzes “the drunkenness of Noah,” and the weird and wild “Wuthering Heights” by Charlotte Brontë’s sister, Emily.(Sharon Johnson)
Check this quiz on Rock Island Dispatch-Argus:
 4. What famous work’s first line is “1801- I have just returned from a visit to my landlord.”?
War and Peace, Wuthering Heights, Stuart Little, Three Musketeers (Casey Wilson)
Bangalore Mirror (India) interviews the writer Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan:
When I was growing up, my mother and I would go to Daryaganj every Sunday and get Amar Chitra Katha books. My love for folktales comes from there. Then my relatives would get me a lot of children’s books from abroad. By the age of eight, I had started discovering books by myself, starting with Jane Eyre. (Barkha Kumari)
The Times of Israel celebrates the film director Alexander Korda:
He wrote screenplays, he built film studios, he produced, he directed — and even married three actresses en route, including the glamorous star of “Wuthering Heights,” Merle Oberon. (Jenni Frazer)
Yesterday night on BBC4, Kate Bush at the BBC:
A compilation of the singer's performances at the BBC's studios between 1978 and 1994. Bush appeared on a variety of programmes, including Top of the Pops, Wogan, Ask Aspel, Saturday Night at the Mill and the Leo Sayer Show. Featuring the hits Wuthering Heights, Babooshka, Running Up That Hill and Hounds of Love, as well as intriguing and lesser-known material. (TV Guide)
Ents24 talks about the 2019 tour of Cloudbusting, a Kate Bush tribute band:
The five-piece band Cloudbusting provide a two hour performance featuring Kate Bush favourites, including Wow, Wuthering Heights, Babooshka, Running Up That Hill and many others from Kate’s wonderful back catalogue. 
Carme Riera talks about Carmen Laforet's Nada in La Vanguardia (Spain):
Leí Nada de un tirón en la adolescencia, fascinada por la historia de Andrea, magnetizada por algunos de los personajes, en especial por el de Román, cuyo sino trágico y destructor le emparenta decididamente con Heathcliff, el atormentado protagonista de Cumbres borrascosas. (Translation)
8TV (in Catalonia, Spain) broadcasts the first two episodes of Jane Eyre 2006.


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