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Daily Bulldog jokes about Emily Brontë's second novel in a humorous interview with the year 2019.
Kenny : Ylphs? What are Ylphs?
The Year 2019: The Librarian of Years collects unknown manuscripts of the highest quality that are left undiscovered in their own time. They are harvested for her by The Years themselves. These are Ylphs.
Kenny : I see. Are these by unknown authors or unknown manuscripts by noted authors?
The Ylph of Emily Brontë's second novel.
The Year 2019: Both.
Kenny : Can you give me an example of one by a famous author?
The Year 2019: Sure. I have a Ylph of Emily Brontë's. It is 200 pages of a second novel discovered and thrown onto a fire by her sister Charlotte who revealed its existence to no one. The Year 1848 preserved it from the flames and collected it afterward.
Kenny : Incredible!
The Year 2019: Yes it was a highly desirable and heavily weighted Ylph. Only by virtue of the rigors of my particular Year did I have the credit to obtain it.
Kenny : Can I see it please?
The Year 2019: Yes, but there is a price.
Kenny : What's that?
The Year 2019: You will remember nothing of what you read and you can only read for five minutes?
Kenny: I'll pay it.
(The Years hands over the Ylph and four minutes pass.)
Kenny : This is sensational. Unbelievable. I beg of you, more time and a different price!
The Year 2019: You beg in vain.
Kenny : Aaah. Nooo.
The Year 2019: So it must be.
Kenny: This is unspeakable. Can I read it and forget it again?
The Year 2019: You may not. May I suggest we turn our attention to books of my Year other than Ylphs?
Kenny : Yes, Yes. I suppose so, sigh. All right, then, what books coming out in the first portion of your reign are most noteworthy?
The Year 2019: I wouldn't know. I've been so absorbed in reading my Ylph.
Kenny: I hate you, Year 2019.
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books gives a B+ to My Plain Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, and Jodi Meadows.
Sometimes a book comes along that is so fun, so unabashedly silly, and so clever that it makes you glad to be alive. Such is the case with My Plain Jane, which re-imagines Jane Eyre in such a bizarre and gleeful fashion that even in the grip of my regularly scheduled holiday depression I was overcome with bliss. [...]
I have to admit that this book can’t quite maintain its energy and cohesiveness all the way through (hence the B+ as opposed to an A for the grade, despite a hearty amount of SQUEE experience based on my catnip). I felt that Charlotte’s jealousy of Helen, and her anger at Jane for keeping secrets, should have been resolved, whereas it just sort of drops off. I loved the gradual progression of Charlotte’s relationship with Alexander, but the resolution of Jane’s romance was not as satisfying.
This will be a love it or hate it book, based on the voices of the authors and the characters, as well as the plot. I loved it, especially since it retained a core element of the desire women have for freedom and respect, and the importance of self-respect in a world that doesn’t value you. It made me laugh and it even made me cry a bit in just the right places. All the thumbs up, despite its flaws. (Carrie S)
Red shares 'Inspirational quotes from women writers' including one from Jane Eyre. iLeón (Spain) finds a Brontëite in writer/poet Margarita Álvarez. PixieJen posts about Wuthering Heights.


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