Wednesday, January 09, 2019

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Euronews takes up the story of the Rohingya refugee girl, Formin Akter, whose favourite book was Jane Eyre.
Over the months we talked, I saw Formin grow in confidence. At college, she wore jeans, lipstick, a scarf neatly secured with pins around her head, and walked towards me while waving around at multiple new friends she had made, among them refugees from Afghanistan who were teaching her Farsi, Formin said.
She was learning karate, guitar, and spoke of an Indian-American teacher she adored. “Her English is so good! I want to speak like her.”
But some things had not changed. At the library, she showed me her “favourite new book” - Charlotte Brontë’s "Jane Eyre" - and spoke about the importance of education in Eyre’s life. (Zeba Siddiqui)
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