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The Hans India posts about women authors and pseudonyms:
“Literature cannot be the business of a woman’s life” England’s poet Laureate Robert Southey’s response when a 20-year-old Charlotte Brontë sent him a collection of her poems was typical of his times reflecting the rules of Patriarchy. According to the Patriarchal view, jobs that demanded great physical strength and accomplishment needing intellectual prowess were  beyond the reach of women.
Fortunately, the author of ‘Jane Eyre” was not dejected by the views expressed and like many women, who were inclined to reading and writing found a way of combating prejudice by assuming a male pseudonym. The talented Brontë sisters Charlotte, Emily and Anne instead of giving up their dream of writing assumed male pen names. Accordingly, Charlotte became Currer Bell, Anne became Acton Bell and Emily became Ellis Bell, before they came into their own as women writers to be acknowledged and appreciated by the world. (Aruna Ravikumar)
Marie Claire interviews the actress Ruth Negga:
Negga’s early heroes were bold, inventive pop stars. She had a crush on David Bowie in Labyrinth and adored Kate Bush – she spent hours trying to recreate the video for Wuthering Heights, in which Bush does a heavily choreographed, solo dance routine, widening her eyes, and raising her arms.
We read on the Elon University website how
More than 50 Elon undergraduates were joined by several from other colleges and universities participated this summer in Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE), one of Elon's signature undergraduate research opportunities. (...)
Meara Waxman presented her progress on her research project, "Speak I Must! Historicizing a Feminist Linguistic Analysis of the Brontë Novels," during SURE. (Owen Covington)
Kendallvile KPC News presents the local writer Dawn Crandall:
 Some of Crandall’s favorite books include “Gone With the Wind,” “Jane Eyre,” and “Pride and Prejudice.” (Emeline Rodenas)
Amica (Italy) quotes Charlotte Brontë's infamous opinion about Jane Austen. Pianeta Donna (Italy) talks about Mary Shelley:
Uscito nel 1818, Frankenstein compie 200 anni. Contrariamente ad altre figure femminili della letteratura inglese, vedi Jane Austen e le sorelle Brontë, Mary Shelley ebbe una vita realmente avventurosa, parte della quale trascorse al fianco del poeta Percy Bysshe Shelley. (Costanza Mauro) (Translation
Girl with her Head in a Book reviews favourably Charlotte Brontë Revisited by Sophie Franklin. The Eyre Guide explores the Jane Eyre-Bertha Mason connection.  Ten Jane Eyre Quotes For Those With a Fierce Spirit on Bookstr.


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