Thursday, January 11, 2018

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A webseries project in need of crowdfunding:
Project Name: The Bride of Murdery Heights
Asking For: $2,500 through Indiegogo

Description: Women of the Victorian Era had to navigate strict social conventions in order to snag their men, and one would think their courtship rituals would have been even tougher in environments that were especially…stabby. The Bride of Murdery Heights is an ominously-named series about three single ladies looking for love against a gothic backdrop.

The three creators of Murdery Heights, Erin Fenton, Aimée Lutkin, and Jaime Lutz, are fans of 19th-century literature who wish to update the satire of Emily Brontë for modern-day audiences. Their show is not a straight adaptation of Wuthering Heights but rather a multi-faceted project that combines several genres into one package. “This web series isn’t just a series of sketches: it’s a mystery, a romance, and a 19th century horror story,” reads the campaign page. “AND IT’S A COMEDY!”
More details are available in Fenton, Lutkin, and Lutz’s pitch video:


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