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Several Jane Eyre references in one episode of the second season of Amazon's One Mississippi:

One Mississippi 
S02E02: Into the Light
Written by Stephanie Allynne & Tig Notaro
September 8, 2017
- Oh, Jane Eyre.- Yes.
- My, my, my. Such a passionate novel. Who do you think should play Heathcliff in the movie? George Clooney? Oh, or is he too old?
-I believe you're thinking of "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Brontë. Her sister.
- Oh, right. I always get those two confused. You know, Mr. Darcy was no spring chicken, either.
- Mm-hmm.
-I had forgotten that Jane had a paranormal encounter with the ghost of her uncle. He saved her life.
- She just imagined that because she was so unhappy.
- Well, I had to read it with a box of tissues.
- How about Rochester? Oh, what a fascinating and complex hero.
- Oh, yes. Strong and silent. Lonely, but none ashamed of his passion.
- I'm not a fan.
- Of the book?
- Rochester. It's hardly heroic to have abandoned his wife and adopted child after having accepted that responsibility.
- I don't remember that part.
- But his first wife was crazy.
- No, no, no! Intemperate and unchaste, to quote the book.
- But Bill, don't you think that Rochester deserved true love?
- There's great joy to be gained by honoring one's word. True love is a fleeting ideal.
- Oh, dear.
- I attended a boarding school similar to Lowood. Soft abuse. (Source)
A.V. Club reviews the episode:
The loss of a spouse is different from the loss of a parent, so his mourning won’t look the same as Tig and Remy’s. But when he (somewhat correctly) judges Jane Eyre’s Rochester for not honoring his word to look after his first wife Bertha, that’s Bill digging his heels in after being prodded by Mellie, Beulah, and, to a lesser extent, his stepkids. (Danette Chavez)


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