Wednesday, August 02, 2017

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Wild Wednesday Workshop
2 August, 11am-4pm Paper Boats 

When the Brontës were children, they loved stories of adventures in boats taking their characters to far off mysterious lands… Sail away with Branwell and his sisters in this workshop making beautiful paper boats. Create your own design and decorate with different ways of printing.

Wild Wednesday Workshop
9 August, 11am-4pm Wax Painting 

The Brontës were all keen artists and loved to go outdoors in all weathers. Follow Branwell in creating a dramatic stormy landscape by painting with encaustic wax and include a ruined tower in your scene, just as he did!

Wild Wednesday Workshop
16 August, 11am-4pm Pocket Brontës  

Create tiny puppets recreating the Brontës and their most famous or infamous characters. Discover more about the worlds they created as children as we make unique and eccentric characters of our own. You might even make Branwell as Byron or Mr Brontë as the Duke of Wellington…

Wild Wednesday Workshop
23 August, 11am-4pm Create a Scene! 

The Brontës loved to tell stories and create imaginary worlds, make your own popup scene at the Museum incorporating some of Branwell’s amazing architectural drawings.

Wild Wednesday Workshop
30 August, 11am-4pm Felt Jewellery  

The Brontës had some surprisingly glamorous jewellery, but not, as far as we know, made of felt! But you can if you come along to our felt jewellery ‘drop in’, and make  a beautiful brooch or hair clip to take home with you.


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