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The new issue of Brontë Studies (Volume 42 Issue 3, July 2017) is already available online. We provide you with the table of contents and abstracts:

SPECIAL ISSUE: Branwell Brontë
pp. 171-173 Author: Amber A. Adams & Josephine Smith

Branwell Brontë’s Latin and his Translation of Horace
pp. 174-189 Author: Brown, Jim
Abstract:These notes examine Branwell Brontë’s early competence in Latin suggest that he used a text of Horace other than that at the Parsonage for his main work of translating Odes 1. The quality of his work is illustrated, the accuracy of his translation assessed, and the range of English meters he adopted is demonstrated.

Branwell Brontë’s Alexander Rougue/Percy. Part 1
pp. 190-210 Author: Neufeldt, Victor
Abstract: The evolution of Alexander Rougue and his transformation into Alexander Percy/Earl of Northangerland was a lengthy, tortuous and sometimes implausible process that required a good bit of help from Charlotte. This evolution has been partially covered by Christine Alexander in The Early Writings of Charlotte Brontë, but, of course, with a focus on Charlotte’s writing. This analysis of the process focuses on Branwell’s writings. The analysis offers interesting and significant insights into the interplay between Branwell and Charlotte, into Branwell’s narrative skills, and into the formation of some of his thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.

Branwell Brontë's Role in the Creation of Heathcliff
pp. 211-219 Author: Van Der Meer, Carolyne
Abstract: The source for Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights remains a mystery. And while Branwell Brontë is rarely credited with having influenced his sisters’ work, one cannot help but wonder if he may have served as some kind of model for the character of Heathcliff. This article explores this possibility through a comparative analysis of Branwell’s poetic voice and Heathcliff’s voice during his lament for Catherine.

The Letters of Francis Leyland — Branwell Brontë’s Champion
pp. 220-250 Author: Duckett, Bob
Abstract: Featured here are edited transcriptions of the ‘Leyland Papers’: a collection of letters received by Francis Leyland, copies and drafts of letter sent by him, and notes on two visits he made to Haworth, dating from 1857 to 1886. These relate mostly to research Leyland made for his book, The Brontë Family, with Special Reference to Patrick Branwell Brontë, published in 1886. While he was refused support from the Reverend Patrick Brontë, Arthur Nicholls and Ellen Nussey, the Brown family and Branwell’s friends, William Heaton and Mr Woolven, were more cooperative.

A Selection of Branwell Brontë Items in the Collection at the Brontë Parsonage Museum
pp. 251-260 Author: Dinsdale, Ann
Abstract: Branwell Brontë attempted a career as a portrait artist in the late 1830s, and his surviving paintings and drawings were catalogued by Christine Alexander and Jane Sellars in The Art of the Brontës (1994). This article features some of the works and new discoveries that have come to light in recent years.

Branwell Brontë, BST and Brontё Studies: an Annotated Bibliography
pp. 261-272 Compiled by: Duckett, Bob
Abstract: This is an annotated list of articles and related matter relating to Branwell Brontë that have appeared in Brontë Society Transactions and Brontë Studies from 1895 to 2016.

Celebrating Charlotte Brontë: Transforming Life into Literature in Jane Eyre
pp. 273-275 Author: Thormählen, Marianne

Jane Eyre
pp. 275-276 Author: Mullis, Aileen

Miss Brontë's Dilemma
pp. 276-277

Take Courage: Anne Brontë and the Art of Life
pp. 277-278

A Companion to the Brontës
pp. 278-281 Author: Adams, Amber M

The Brontës: A Family Writes
pp. 281-282 Author: Duckett, Bob

The Brontësaurus: An A–Z of Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë (and Branwell)
pp. 282-283 Author: Powell, Sarah

The Reverend William Weightman’s Qualifications
pp. 284-286 Author: Gamble, Bob

The Brontë Society
p. 287


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