Wednesday, June 14, 2017

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Another Jane Eyre fan fiction retelling has been published as an ebook:
Jane Heir: 
A Modern Retelling of Charlotte Brontë’s Classic Romance Jane Eyre
by Veronica Cristero
May 21, 2017

Orphaned at a young age. Rejected by her step-family. Shipped off to boarding school. Has Jane finally found her fairytale as a live-in tutor for the daughter of the infamously moody yet strangely compelling rap artist, Edward Richmond, a.k.a. “E.R.”? Maybe Beauty and the Beast. Except she’s no beauty—just plain Jane. And his rock-and-roll lifestyle disturbs and even endangers her. It’s safer following her principles than passion. Besides, he obviously prefers the striking and equally-famous Bianca. Yet Jane finds herself simultaneously attracted and repelled by this reputed “bad boy” who seems oddly determined to win her approval.

Caught up in E.R.’s complicated—and darker than she imagined—world, Jane must find a way forward. But will that drive her away from yet another home?

True to the spirit of love, self-discovery and mystery in Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel, Jane Eyre, this dramatic yet genuine and often surprisingly funny modern retelling, faithfully reimagined chapter by beloved chapter, will captivate fans of the original and unfamiliar readers of all ages alike.


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