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Keighley News publishes the obituary of the poet, writer and Brontë scholar, the Reverend John Waddington-Feather (1933-2017).

A most prolific author, his output ranges from detective stories, poetry, children books, essays (particularly about the Yorkshire dialect) sermons... you name it. His life was also one of a kind: priest, parachutist, voluntary teacher in Sudan, actor, cyclist... and for a time member of the council of the Brontë Society (1994-2000).

His relationship with the Brontë Society began much earlier. In 1966, he won the Brontë Society Award for a paper on Emily Brontë and the Yorkshire dialect which was subsequently published in the Brontë Society Transactions, being the first of a several contributions to the journal:
Emily Brontë's Use of Dialect in “Wuthering Heights
Brontë Society Transactions, Vol. 15 , Iss. 1,1966, pages 12-19

Literati Associated with the Brontës
Brontë Society Transactions,  Vol. 25 , Iss. 2,2000, pages 172-175

The Dialect of Shirley
Brontë Studies Vol. 27 , Iss. 3, 2002,  pages 235-239

Charlotte in Kentucky
Brontë Studies Vol. 29 , Iss. 3,2004, pages 260-261

Religiosity in the Poetry of the Brontë Sisters
Brontë Studies Vol. 38 , Iss. 3,2013, pages 245-250


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