Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Several Italian news outlets publish the death of the screenwriter Enrico Medioli (1925-2017).

His long and successful career is full of masterworks of the Italian cinema and his work with some of the really big names of the golden age of the transalpine cinematography: Luchino Visconti,  Valerio Zurlini, Sergio Leone, Mauro Bolognini, Alberto Lattuada, Liliana Cavani or Vittorio Caprioli.

Probably not the work by which he would be remembered (on a list where you can find Rocco e i suoi fratelli, La ragazza con la valigia, Il Gattopardo, Ludwig, C'era una volta in America ... it's certainly difficult) but in 2004 he entered the Brontë film vault with a TV adaptation of Wuthering Heights:
Cime TempestoseDirected by Fabrizio Costa
Written by Salvatore Basile and Enrico Medioli
With Alessio Boni and Anita Caprioli


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