Saturday, March 25, 2017

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Quite literally:
It was a great event at the De Ruyterkade in Amsterdam! After a stormy day, the weather improved and we were ready, together with tour operator Riviera Travel, for the christening of our two new ships, MS THOMAS HARDY and MS EMILY BRONTË.
It does not happen very often that two ships are christened at the same time. The MS THOMAS HARDY was completed in November 2016, but because of the start of the new season, which is usually around the end of March, it was decided to wait to christen MS THOMAS HARDY until MS EMILY BRONTË was also ready, so that they could be christened together. It was a great sight, the two 135-metre long sister ships moored nose to nose on the same quay in the glistening water.
Both ships are 135 metres long and sleep 176 people. They are both luxuriously fitted out to ensure that the guests have the most comfortable journey possible. The ships include a wellness area, a fitness room and a hairdressing salon/nail salon. Four of the suites even have a balcony! (...)
The names of the two ships have been chosen by tour operator Riviera Travel. From the start, Riviera has chosen figures related to English and Irish literature. The next two ships are going to be named Oscar Wilde (July 2017) and Robert Burns (December 2017). (...)
The two sister ships start their first cruise season at the end of March: MS THOMAS HARDY mainly on the Danube and MS EMILY BRONTË on the Rhine. (Scylla)
The ship was built at the Vahali Shipyards in Serbia and is to be operated by the Riviera Travel Company:

MS Emily Brontë - NEW
Built: 2017 Crew: 44 Passengers: 169 Rating: Five Stars Cruises Available: 7

After years of painstaking research to create the most perfect vessels afloat, a new era in river cruising dawns as we introduce our brand new, state of the art, ‘all suite’ ships. Swiss operated and truly world-class, we are absolutely delighted to present the five-star MS Emily Brontë.
It is extremely difficult to convey just how extraordinary this outstanding ship really is and exactly what distinguishes it from similar vessels. It would be very easy to just say ‘luxurious’ but it’s much more than that; we have deliberately avoided the current trend for a minimalist style where you could be anywhere in the world, creating instead a unique yet exquisite blend of understated taste, style and elegance at the highest level. Immediately striking is just how exceptionally spacious this new vessel is as you enter a gleaming, richly coloured marble-floored lobby flooded with natural light from a stunning atrium above. Moving inside, exceptional creativity from Europe’s finest design studio has produced a superbly balanced masterpiece of onboard style, utilising sustainable rich hardwoods, gleaming brass and polished copper, sparkling glass and intricate wrought iron. The ship is beautifully illuminated throughout – including the exterior and imaginatively furnished with harmonious colour schemes, all designed to create the serene atmosphere reflective of the golden age of cruising which time after time you tell us you adore.


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