Friday, March 24, 2017

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A new amateur production of Polly Teale's Brontë opens in Oxford. The ChapterHouse Theatre Company will tour its open-air Wuthering Heights production in China and, still in China, the Shanghai Ballet production of Jane Eyre gets a revival:
Thistledown Theatre presents
Polly Teale's Brontë
Directed by Sarah Pyper
22 March - 1 April 2017
The Old Library
The University Church of St. Mary the Virgin
The High Street

Layla Al-Katib, Emily Saddler, Holly Gorne, Craig Finlay, Colin Burnie,  Helen Coathup-Collier, Peter Sheward, Henry Cockburn

This extraordinary play evokes the real and imagined worlds of the Brontës, as their fictional characters come to haunt their creators. In 1845, Branwell Brontë returns home in disgrace, plagued by his addictions. As he descends into alcoholism and insanity, bringing chaos to the household, his sisters write…
Chapterhouse productions presents

Wuthering Heights Shanghai (Mar 24-27 and 30 @ Shanghai Grand Theatre), Guangzhou (Mar 31-Apr 1 @ Xinghai Concert Hall) and Shenzhen (Apr 2 @ Shenzhen Children's Palace).
The Old Library, The University Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Radcliffe Square, Oxford, OX1 4BJ
Jane Eyre Ballet

23 March to 1 April
7:30pm to 9:30pm

Shanghai Ballet Shanghai Grand Theater co- production ballet "Jane Eyre"
Director: Patrick de Bana
Screenplay: Yurong Jun (China)
Choreography and costume design: Jerome Kaplan


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