Thursday, March 09, 2017

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Polly Teales's Brontë is being performed in Dublin:
Illustrated Productions presents
by Polly Teale
Smoke Alley Theatre
6 – 11 Mar | 7.30pm | Boys’ School

How did it happen? How was it possible? How could three Victorian spinsters have written some of the most powerful and romantic fiction of all time?
Destined to lonesome, isolated lives in the English countryside, three sisters (Emily, Charlotte and Anne) face their brothers decline into alcoholism and insanity. As chaos descends on the household the sisters begin to write, creating works of art that would reach the hearts of millions and span centuries.
Illustrated Productions is delighted to present the Irish premiere of Polly Teale’s evocative and imaginative play that brings to light the lives of the Brontë sisters’ unlike ever before.
Brontë  dlr Mill Theatre, Dundrum
16th - 18th Mar 2017
Show time: 8pm Matinee Sat 1.30pm


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