Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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The Anne Dalton's Jane Eyre musical is performed in Billingham:
Jane Eyre
by Anne Dalton
Forum Theatre, Queensway, Billingham
22nd Feb 2017 - 25th Feb 2017

A faithful and haunting retelling of the Charlotte Brontë classic, this musical captures the full emotional force of the iconic original novel, appealing equally to those already familiar with “Jane Eyre” and to anyone experiencing the story for the first time.
Sweeping melodies enhance this Gothic romance while the sparkling dialogue and expertly crafted lyrics bring the novel’s power and wit vividly to life.
Step into history and watch this passionate and tenacious woman journey from child to adult in her search for family, belonging and love.
What is it that draws her to moody, enigmatic Mr Rochester?
Will class differences and his terrible secret tear them apart?
The Darlington & Stockton Times discusses the presence this production.


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