Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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An alert for today, February 15 in Todmorden:
Fresh from their successful appearance at the 2016 Morley Art Festival, Exploring the Brontës bring their three-person show to Todmorden Library, celebrating the Brontës’ lives and literature through poetry, drama and music.
In recognition of his bicentenary, this version of the event will focus largely on the life and poetry of Branwell Brontë.
Introduced by Calder Valley poet Simon Zonenblick, currently making a film about Branwell Bronte's Calder Valley years, the evening will feature readings of Bronte poems and performances from novels such as Wuthering Heights. Simon will also deliver poetry by other Calder Valley writers including Genevieve Walsh.
Actor and writer Caroline Lamb, whose 2015 play The Dissolution of Percy tells the story of Branwell Brontë, will deliver her monologue The Cold Plunge, which brings to life the character of Charlotte Bronte's friend Mary Taylor, with stirring messages of ambition and resilience.
The event will feature live music on the Irish harp from Leeds-based musician Berni Byrne, who has over twenty years’ experience of playing throughout Yorkshire and Lancashire. Berni has competed at music festivals in Britain and Ireland to great acclaim and held the All Britain Harp title in all age ranges


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