Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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A new Brontë-related course begins today, January 18, at the University of Oxford Department of Continuing Education:
Brontës (Online)
Wed 18 Jan 2017 to Fri 31 Mar 2017
Dr Sandie Byrne


How did three sisters living an apparently secluded and eventless life write some of the most original, passionate and dramatic novels and poetry in the English language? Who were the Brontës, what fed their imaginations, and what makes their writing so haunting, intense, and important?
The website of the Brontë Parsonage Museum states: ‘To find two writers of genius in one family would be rare, but to find several writers in one household is unique in the history of literature. Charlotte and Emily are ranked among the world’s greatest novelists; Anne is a powerful underrated author, and both their father, the Revd. Patrick Brontë, and brother Branwell also saw their own works in print’.
We will explore those works of genius and place them in their literary, cultural, and historical (including family) contexts. You will come to understand and to be able to analyse what makes the Brontës' writings so haunting, intense, and original. Whether you've read or would like to read the work of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Brontë – or if you're interested in nineteenth-century literature or women’s writing – this course is for you.
Programme details

1. Brontë lives and myths
2. Reading the Brontës
3. Charlotte Brontë: structure and themes of Jane Eyre
4. Charlotte Brontë: contexts of Jane Eyre
5. Anne Brontë: contexts of Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
6. Anne Brontë: representations of women
7. Emily Brontë: themes and motifs
8. Brontë manuscripts and editions
9. Emily Brontë: structure and language of Wuthering Heights
10. The endings of the Brontës’ novels, rewritings, prequels and sequels, and opportunities for further exploration.
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