Wednesday, January 25, 2017

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Female First has writer Brad Ricca share 10 things he'd like his readers to know about him such as the fact that,
My favorite novel is Wuthering Heights. You think it’s one thing, but then it slips through your fingers, bites you, and laughs maniacally as it runs away.
Bustle lists '10 Graphic Novel Adaptations Of Classic Books That Bring New Energy To The Novels', one of which is one we hadn't seen mentioned for a while:
10 'Masterpiece Comics' by R. Sikoryak
Who says that adaptions always have to be serious? Masterpiece Comics is a delightfully weird, hilarious mash-up of famous comics and famous works of literature: Crime and Punishment by way of Batman, Faust as Garfield, Wuthering Heights as an issue of Tales from the Crypt, and many more. (Charlotte Ahlin)
It is Rachel Cooke's final instalment of Shelf Life in The Guardian and she wonders,
What to offer up by way of a valedictory read? Right now, I’m in the middle of a novel that won’t come out until the summer, so that won’t do. Casting my eyes towards my groaning bookshelves, I can only think of the books I’ve loved nearly all my life, and to which I return again and again: Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories (when I’m dying, I’ll probably ask the poor sod sitting by my bed to read The Adventure of the Speckled Band out loud), the poems of Philip Larkin, and the novels of Jane Austen, the Brontës, Charles Dickens, David Lodge and Nancy Mitford. But you probably already know all about them.
KCET suggests 'Five Places in Southern California Where You Can Still Explore the Victorian Era'.
But if the era of Queen Victoria is more your bailiwick – if you’re an Anglophile who longs for the days of refined sensibilities and parlor visits in gingerbread cottages – you’ve got a special opportunity to completely immerse yourself in Victorian culture.
For the right price, you can actually buy, restore, and live in (sometimes after relocating) your own Victorian home in areas like Boyle Heights, West Adams, and Angelino Heights!
But if you’re not inclined to make such a huge (and immersive) commitment to living the Victorian lifestyle, here are five great Victorian house museums where you can, for a time, surround yourself with the customs and décor of the era ruled as much by Charles Dickens, Jane Eyre, corsets, and hoop skirts as by the Queen herself.
And you can do it all without all those pesky Victorian diseases and poisons to worry about. (Sandi Hemmerlein)
The Basehor-Linwood High School newspaper shares sketches made by a senior student, one of which shows Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester as mice. The Yorkshire Evening Post features the Yorkshire Water campaign which shows the Brontë sisters having a bath. Cramlington Book Club posts about Agnes Grey.


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