Thursday, December 29, 2016

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So, the time has come. Today, December 29 at 09:00PM, To Walk Invisible on BBC1:
To Walk Invisible
Director and writer Sally Wainwright
Producer Karen Lewis
Executive Producer Sally Wainwright
Executive Producer Faith Penhale

Patrick Brontë  ... Jonathan Pryce
Charlotte Brontë ... Finn Atkins
Emily Brontë ... Chloe Pirrie
Anne Brontë ... Charlie Murphy
Branwell Brontë ... Adam Nagaitis
John Brown ... Mark Frost
Tabby Aykroyd ... June Watson
Martha Brown ... Megan Parkinson
Naopleon Bonaparte ... Jonathan Carley
Duke of Wellington ... James Norton
Captain Parry ... Matt Adams
Jack Sharp ... Matt Adams
Captain Ross ... Kris Mochrie
Young Charlotte  ... Rosie Boore
Young Emily ... Talia Barnett
Young Anne ... Lara McDonnell
Young Bramwell ... Troy Tipple
George Smith ... Luke Newberry
Joe Leyland ... David Walmsley
Arhut Nicholls ... Rory Fleck Byrne
Miss Patchett ... Rebecca Callard
William Allison ... Joe Armstrong
Thomas Mallinson ... Rhys Connah
Enoch Thomas ... Jamie Dorrington
Samuel Hartley ... Thomas Howes
Dr Wheelhouse ... Thomas Nelstrop
Bailiff ... David Prosho
Mrs Robinson ... Karen Shaw
Henchman ... Paul Kynman
Kent ... Freddie Meredith
William Smith Williams ... Hugh Simon
Ellen Nussey ... Gracie Kelly

Charlotte, Emily and Anne Brontë face a bleak future, with their father half-blind and troubled brother Branwell in decline. As their situation worsens, Charlotte sees that writing could offer a way out. This is the story of the sisters' great novels and their extraordinary battle for recognition.

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  1. anthony bennett12/31/2016 05:02:00 pm

    I was a bit apprehensive that this programme would be good or not and when it started with the silly scene of flaming heads
    I thought no it would not be, but it improved considerably I was especially pleased with the authentic looking Victorian
    scenery showing the dirt an all I have often wondered how the Brontes faired in the way of cleanliness, given that they only had a Well and no modern toilet facilities ? I think this programme needed to be watched by people who already knew the
    story as it was a bit difficult to follow in places, but overall a very good production.