Monday, December 26, 2016

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The York Press is also under the To Walk Invisible expectation effect:
Some of the town scenes were filmed in Micklegate, York, and there will be a sneak preview a day earlier – on a mobile cinema which will visit Bradford, close to where the literary sisters lived, on the BBC’s Red Carpet Cinema Tour, showcasing festive viewing treats.
Visiting nine cities in the North, it’s screening selected programmes, from children’s shows to comedy, drama and natural history.
To Walk Invisible was filmed earlier this year, much of it at a full-scale replica of the Bronte Parsonage at Penistone Hill, Haworth. Also featuring Haworth’s Main Street and moorland, the drama tells how the three sisters went from obscurity, when women weren’t expected to achieve success, to produce some of the world’s greatest novels.
Business Standard recalls that 2016 has been the Charlotte Brontë bicentenary year:
Camilla Nelson mounted a powerful argument in favor of reading the literary canon - if only to critique it. And on the 200th anniversary of Charlotte Bronte’s birth, we paid tribute to “the startlingly modern psychology” of the author’s many memorable characters. (Suzy Freeman-Greene)
Aporrea (Venezuela) reviews Crónicas de un Clandestino by Víctor Barráez Pérez:
Recomiendo la lectura de "Crónicas de un Clandestino", de la editorial larense Progreso, en el que plasma su vida "...un ser humano libre con una voluntad independiente", como lo dijera Charlotte Brontë en su obra Jane Eyre. (José Rafael Mendoza Márquez) (Translation)
The Brussels Brontë Blog posts the third part of their compilation of French translations of The Professor. Bookelfe posts about Villette. Finally, a couple of Christmas posts on Nick Holland's Anne Brontë website and on the Brontë Sisters.


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