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Anglotopia suggests a weekend trip to Haworth as an 'Anglo-literary' break.
This village near Bradford in West Yorkshire will forever be associated with the Brontë family, sisters Charlotte, Emily, Anne and their brother Branwell. It was here where, while living in the parsonage, that the girls wrote their famous novels including Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre.
Today the parsonage is a museum owned and run by the Brontë Society that’s open all year round and which also has special guided tours, There are also frequent talks and exhibitions, just see the website for details.
Haworth is also the perfect base from which to explore the nearby Yorkshire Dales whose other literary connections include the author of “It shouldn’t happen to a vet”, James Herriot.
If you don't feel like braving the North (why wouldn't you, though?), CNN suggests the Hampstead Heath ponds.
In typical heath fashion, it's a terribly romantic place where you can imagine Heathcliff and Cathy in a stolen embrace, or Colin Firth as Mr Darcy emerging dripping from the Men's Bathing Pond. (Maureen O'Hare)
Radio Times reviews the latest episode ofBooks That Made Britain, which was about the Yorkshire Coast and it obviously included

a trip to Scarborough, with its Brontë connections (Alison Graham)
And more Brontës on TV as last night's (November 8, 2016) Eastenders episode featured Denise discussing Jane Eyre.

Therese Oneill, author of Unmentionable! The Victorian Lady’s Guide to Marriage, Manners & Sex, answered a question about Hysteria on Quora and The Huffington Post shared it.
Hysteria feeds itself, like depression and anxiety do.
Like those 17th century girls, Victorian girls were living in a restrictive society, they were expected to be graceful and quiet and had no purpose. Meanwhile, they read Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre and fantasized about all this drama and romance, it was becoming increasingly clear their lives would not contain.
Film Excess reviews Andrea Arnold's take on Wuthering Heights. Rachel Deacons posts about Jane Eyre. Finally, a Buzzfeed Community User explains why 'Jane Eyre Would Have Known How To Handle Donald Trump'.


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