Thursday, November 03, 2016

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In Athens, GA, a new amateur production of Polly Teales's Jane Eyre:
The UGA Department of Theatre & Film Studies presents
Jane Eyre
by Polly Teale
Directed by David Crowe
University Theatre Mainstage
November 3–November 13

The timeless story of Brontë’s orphaned governess is brought to the stage in Polly Teale’s inventive adaptation. Jane Eyre is a story of one woman’s struggle to find freedom, love, and her own voice in a society intent on silencing her desires. 
The Red & Black has more information:
Jane Eyre, played by second year MFA acting student, Brittney S. Harris, transitions from impoverished orphanhood to a quiet governess as an adult. She struggles to shed the limitations placed on her by society while falling in love with a man named Mr. Rochester, played by second year MFA acting student, John Terry. However, the story is not so simple. There is also an attic-dwelling expressive madwoman named Bertha, played by senior theatre and English education major, Brandy Sexton. (...)
“The story is about not blocking a part of yourself up and hiding it from the world, because in the end that will just give you grief,” Sexton said.
The play does not only stress the importance of staying true to individual wants and desires, but it’s also about adjusting to a changing world and making efforts to break free of traditional limitations. Bronte’s work combined with the creative ingenuity of UGA’s cast breathed new life into this idea. (Jaime Conlan)


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