Saturday, July 16, 2016

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Today is the day, July 16th. The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever:
The 16th July 2016 will see individual en masse dance events to Kate Bush's classic Wuthering Heights happening around the world. Each event is entirely independent, not for profit and held for joy and entertainment.

Inspired by UK performance troop Shambush who will revisit their 2013 world record this year with The Shambush! Ultimate, Ultimate Kate Bush Experience. The name The Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever was the brainchild of the Berlin event organizer and has been adopted by many of the events.
There will be events in Montreal, Brighton, Atlanta, Sydney, Tel Aviv, London , Berlin, Uppsala, Malmö, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Oslo, Hobart, Adelaide, Amsterdam, Brisbane and Melbourne.


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