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The Telegraph & Argus on an upcoming performance of Wuthering Heights at the Haworth Church by the Jorvik Theatre Company:
A local actress will take on a major role in an adaptation of Emily Brontë’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ staged in Haworth Parish Church.
Geraldine Bell, better known as Gerry, will play the part of the story’s narrator Nellie, who is the housekeeper and confidante of both leading characters Cathy and Heathcliff.
The play is being produced by Jorvik Theatre Company and will be staged on Saturday, July 30, as part of a celebration of the church’s reopening following the completion of repairs. (Miran Rahman)
The Irish Examiner interviews actress Charlotte Murphy, the most recent Anne Brontë in the upcoming To Walk Invisible:
And prior to rehearsing for the upcoming Walsh play, Murphy, who revealed that she is named after the English novelist, Charlotte Brontë, spent several months working in Yorkshire, shooting the role of Charlotte’s younger sister Anne, for the BBC feature film To Walk Invisible, due to be broadcast at Christmas.
“It was such an education learning about Anne because I didn’t know anything about her before I got the part. Obviously, you’d learn about Charlotte and Emily and the characters they created when you’re in school and college and my parents actually named me after Charlotte Brontë, so her work has always been close to my heart. Playing Anne and filming on the Yorkshire Moors where the Brontë sisters grew up was such a treat.” (Maria Rolston)
The Graham archive at Norton Conyers is being catalogued and can be accessed. Neconnected informs:
North Yorkshire County Record Office’s Attics and Acres project, which is opening up and cataloguing the previously unseen archive of the Graham family of Norton Conyers, is going on the road.
The project will be the subject of a one-day roadshow hosted by the Record Office at Samwaies Hall, Main Street, Wath, on Saturday, 16 July.
The 15-month Attics and Acres project began last summer. It is cataloguing and conserving the archive before opening it to people for study and taking it out to the public through events and exhibitions. It comprises 70 boxes of documents spanning 600 years.
The roadshow will enable visitors to discover more about the collection, including finding out who was poisoned and who the black sheep of the family was. Both Charles I and James II are said to have stayed at Norton Conyers, near Ripon, and Charlotte Bronté is reputed to have taken inspiration from this historic house as a model for Thornfield Hall and, in particular, Mrs Rochester’s room, in Jane Eyre.
This article on Daily Life is a bit full of stereotypes:
So here's an idea. Why don't we women all adapt our Tinder profiles to do exactly what It would be marvellous. There'd be photographs of us conversing with our girlfriends, the men do. We will use photos that will impress other women, instead of potential dates. pics of our gorgeous collection of shoes, snaps of our favourite Brontë novel, and the cover of the Sex and the City DVD collection. (Kerri Sackville)
Daily O (India) is quite thrilled by the Tom Hiddleston-Taylor Swift relationship:
This could well be the off-beat romance that fans of Hiddleston presumably like, a post-Rebecca-esque love or that of a far, far gentler Heathcliff and Catherine. (Anindita Satpathy)
DueRighe (Italy) talks about an exhibition in Viareggio of the art collections of Mario Borgiotti (1906-1977) and Enrico Piceni (1901-1986). Enrico Piceni was also a translator:
In realtà, ricopre mansioni ben più estese, occupandosi di traduzioni di grandi classici della letteratura anglosassone (Via col vento, Cime tempestose, David Copperfield), ed è anche l’ideatore delle collane Medusa, e i Gialli Mondadori. (Niccolò Lucarelli) (Translation)
A passing comment on Brexit on Página 12 (Argentina) :
Le deprime, sí, lo del Brexit. A Rodríguez le gustaba sentirse pariente lejano de William Shakespeare y The Beatles y las hermanas Brontë y T. E. Lawrence y Alan Rickman y David Lean y Winston Churchill y Sherlock Holmes y J. M. W. Turner y Jane Austen. (Rodrigo Fresán) (Translation)
Ouest France interviews the actress and singer Françoise Hardy:
Savez-vous qu'on trouve toujours vos disques en Angleterre ? (Michel Troadec)
Mais je suis très anglophile. J'ai lu tout ce que je pouvais trouver en littérature victorienne et romantique : George Eliot, Elizabeth Gaskell, les sœurs Brontë… Toute cette tradition. (Translation)
Wuthering Heights 1939 screened in Montevideo (Uruguay); Elige un Libro (in Spanish) and Buchmomente (in German) review Jane Eyre.


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