Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Sunday Times analyses how locations are transformed by literary greats from a marketplace point of view. Haworth and the Parsonage are mentioned, of course:
This is a bumper year for literary anniversaries, with four of our greatest writers having arrived on (or left) the planet a round number of years ago. The celebrations have focused on their works, but each has also become indelibly associated with the place where they lived — locations that have been transformed by the legacies of their famous former residents. (Tim Palmer)
The Pantagraph makes the case for how many shoes are needed on vacation:
Finding comfortable shoes, however, which don’t make me look like head matron of a boarding school in a Charlotte Brontë novel can be challenging. My husband will attest I have searched every shoe rack in Central Illinois for walking shoes that can handle cobblestone streets and still be stylish enough for dinner. My conclusion? They don’t exist. Thus, the need for multiple pairs. (Susan Hazlett)
The Hindu reviews the novel The Yard by Alyyah Eniath:
The Yard, which took her five years to complete, is also perhaps an outcome of Eniath’s literary obsessions. We all know how obsessions can lead to something fabulous. In this case, it is Naipaul, Charles Dickens and Emily Brontë who really stayed with her. “Just as Wuthering Heights proves a character unto itself with its dark stairways, storms and sense of imprisonment, so does ‘the yard’ in my novel; and Heathcliff and Catherine face similar cultural and societal challenges as my protagonists.” When Eniath first read A House for Mr. Biswas by Naipaul, the grandeur of “a seemingly unimportant island in the Caribbean” revealed itself to her. (Anupama Raju)
The Telegraph has listed all the UK singles released by Kate Bush from worst to best, including Wuthering Heights:
Taken from: The Kick Inside
Reached: 1
Whatever first caught the imagination – the precocious dance routine, the unlikely up-in-the-gods vocals, the dazzling chord progressions that owe more to classical symphony than chart pop – this was where legend was born. And to think she’d never even read the Brontë novel when she wrote it.
And Flavorwire has a list of Kate Bush's best fashion moments:
But the “Wuthering Heights” songstress is a style icon in her own right, pairing her theatrical performances with flowing gowns, eccentric pieces, and fashion combinations intrinsically connected to her poetic songwriting. (Alison Nastasi)
Worcester News announces an upcoming production of Wuthering Heights in Ledbury:
Ledbury Amateur Dramatic Society will present Emily Brontë’s great classic, Wuthering Heights, as their atmospheric autumn offering.
The take of all-consuming love which can even escape the grave will come to the Market Theatre, Ledbury for a run from October 20 to October 22.
A spokesman said: "The immortal love story, is set amongst the bleak beauty of Haworth Moor; the landscape over which towers the wild and terrible Heathcliff.
"The tale of this searing passion for the beautiful Catherine Earnshaw has the vividness of nightmare, the beauty and simplicity of an old ballad, and depth and intensity of ancient tragedy." (Gary Bills-Geddes)
Onedio (Turkey) has a list of best novels which includes Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre:
On yaşında öksüz kalan Jane Eyre, kendisini hiçbir zaman sevmeyen, ancak kocasının vasiyeti üzerine bakımını üstlenen yengesiyle zor bir yaşam sürmektedir.
Gönderildiği katı kuralları olan yatılı okulda kötü günler geçirir. Ancak Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë kadar şanslı değildir; okulda on yıl kalır ve öğretmen olarak mezun olur. Edward Rochester'ın malikânesinde mürebbiye olarak iş bulur.
Evin gizemli efendisi Rochester'e aşık olur; ancak onu hayal bile edemeyeceği zorluklar ve acılar beklemektedir... (Taner Bayram) (Translation)
Sparkles & Scribbles has a book forum on Reader, I Married Him; Frock Flicks now devotes its time to the costumes in Wuthering Heights movie & TV adaptations; Amy Reads Classics and Pages Unbound Reviews post about  Jane Eyre. Sleeping Dogs posts a review of Villette.


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