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The Island Shakespere Festival in Langley, WA comes with a Jane Eyre production:
Jane Eyre
Adapted and Directed by Julie Beckman
July 9,10,16,22,30, Aug 4, 7,12,20, 25, 28, Sept 2, 10 at 6 pm

There is something especially profound about staging a story under the open sky. It heightens the universality of the experience by connecting us with people all over the world as well as the people who have gone before us, all of who have gathered together outdoors to hear stories in a communal environment. For me, it will be extremely exciting to explore Jane Eyre in this setting because it tells the story of a woman struggling to find herself and to step freely into the world. Throughout the story, Jane looks to the natural world for wisdom -- to the moon, and the moors, and the wind, and the growth of new life. Many of the key moments of the play take place outdoors, so it will be a pleasure to experience these in the amphitheater - surrounded by the trees and the natural elements that will contribute to the story-telling process.

Paul Dedrick ...Rochester
Maya Sugarman ... Jane
Jennifer Ewing ... Miss Temple/Blanche Ingram/Hannah
Valerie Huntington ... Bessie/Lowood Girl 2/Grace Poole/Moon Spirit
Olena Hodges ... Eliza/Helen Burns/Bertha
Carrie Schnelker ... Mrs. Fairfax/Miss Scatcherd
Eli Simons ... Brocklehurst/Innkeeper
EDIT: More information on Edmonds Beacon.
EDIT: A 'trailer' can be watch on YouTube:


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