Monday, June 27, 2016

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Another recent addition to the ebook collection of erotic exploitations of Jane Eyre:
Mr Rochester of Hornfield: An Erotic Jane Eyre Variation
by G Scott Gray (Author)
May 23, 2016

Jane Eyre is a naive but passionate young woman who finds work at Hornfield, the grand estate of the mysterious Mr Rochester.
Jane gets caught in the rain and takes shelter in the barn, removing her wet clothing. There she meets a mysterious stranger who also removes his wet clothing and shows her an excellent way to keep warm.
She discovers that the stranger is Mr Rochester himself.
But who makes the strange moans she hears late at night?
And why does Mr Rochester invite Jane to spend an evening with a mysterious woman? And why do she and Jane have erotic enjoyment with the candles?
Mr Rochester asks Jane to marry him but she discovers his terrible secret. She runs away from Hornfield but is drawn back by the memory of his powerful touch.
But who has burnt down the house. And where will Jane and Rochester now sleep? And will she still find use for the candles? 


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