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New Brontë-inspired programs on BBC Radio 4:
Reader, I Married Him
Series of stories celebrating the bicentenary of Charlotte Brontë's birth.
To celebrate the bicentenary of Charlotte Brontë's birth three writers provide their own take on the famous ending to Jane Eyre, 'Reader, I Married Him'.
Philip Hensher sends Jane into the capitalist clamour of nineteenth-century Manchester, Isy Suttie has her do battle with the ghost of Bertha and Elizabeth Kuti introduces an extra gothic twist with the appearance of another famous Victorian novelist...

1/3 Reader, I Freed Him
Sunday, March 13, 7:45PM
There will be 3 episodes. More information coming soon
What if Jane Eyre decided to confront the ghost of Bertha? Isy Suttie writes and performs.
Writer ..... Isy Suttie
Reader ..... Isy Suttie
Producer ..... Jenny Thompson.

2/3 Reader, I Had a Better Idea
Sunday, March 20, 7:45PM
Amelia Lowdell reads Philip Hensher's take on the ending to Jane Eyre.

3/3 Reader I Mended Him
Sunday, March 27, 19:45
Olivia Hallinan reads Elizabeth Kuti's twist on the ending of Jane Eyre.

15 Minute Drama
Charlotte Brontë in Babylon
(5 episodes)
by Charlotte Cory

Drama charting five momentous visits Charlotte Brontë made to London. After being accused of deceit by the publisher of Jane Eyre, Charlotte Brontë and her sister Anne, leave Haworth and rush down to London to put the matter right.

Monday to Friday 10:45 AM / 7:45 PM
Directed by Charlotte Riches
Produced by Susan Roberts
Charlotte ... Samantha Power
Anne ... Sara Bahadori
Mrs Smith ... Claire Brown
George ... Ben Lamb
Patrick /Shop Assistant ... Robert Pickavance
Mrs Smith ... Claire Brown
Thackeray ... Jonathan Keeble
Eliza ... Emily Pithon
Sarah ... Suzie Grimsdick
Critic ... Hamilton Birstock
Lady Davenham ... Ursula Holden Gill

Charlotte Brontë made 5 trips down to London in the course of her momentous, shortlived but meteoric literary career. These trips chart the story of her relationship with her young publisher (and his watchful, horrified Mama), Charlotte's wide-eyed enthusiasm at visiting the place of her childhood dreams at long last and being lionized as a writer by readers. We see her difficult relationships with other authors and critics - and then the gradual disillusionment setting in as this intense, painfully honest and gauche Yorkshire novelist gradually acquires self knowledge and a clear-eyed view of the cruel and shallow fashionable literary world she had long aspired to be part of.

Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Five


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