Sunday, February 21, 2016

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A new amateur production of Wuthering Heights opens tomorrow, February 22, in Sheffield:
Wuthering Heights
presented by The Dilys Guite Players
The Lantern Theatre
February 22-27, 7.30PM

Director: Director Nick Tait
With:Joshua Smith, Sarah Spencer, Cein Edwards, Dennis John, Will Couchman, Natalie Lee, Adam Foley and Lara Bundock

Set amid the bleak beauty of Haworth Moor, this immortal love story tells the tale of Heathcliff's searing passion for the beautiful Catherine Earnshaw, it has the vividness of nightmare, the beauty and simplicity of an old ballad and depth and intensity of an ancient tragedy.
It is a spellbinding thriller and ghost story interwoven with moments of humour and compassion; the original was penned at the Parsonage in Haworth and is now brought vividly to life in this theatre presentation.


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