Saturday, February 20, 2016

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Cakes Decor presents a Wuthering Heights... Valentine's cake:
‘Love never dies’… a quote from one of my favourite books pulled me through heartbreaks that surrounded me in my adolescent years….  These were the words of Catherine bought to life by Emily Brontë in the classic, Wuthering Heights…. Words like ‘Whatever souls are made of…. his and mine are the same’ made a lasting impact on my already impressionable mind…. The conflict surrounding the love and the passion shared by Heathcliff and Catherine… The misunderstood intentions and the jealous rage that lead Heathcliff to destroy the very thing he loved…. The romanticism of the era…. The setting of the marshlands… the cold and the mist… all  led me to identify with this gripping novella and I knew that was exactly what I wanted to depict when I was asked to participate in the Vintage Love collaboration. So when I revisited the story again for this  collab, I couldnt stop reading… I finished the entire book in about 3 days….. And it held me in its grip…. I fell in love with Heathcliff all over again… The ragged boy, the uncouth and the uncivilized. The raw saviour in need of saving himself….
I wanted to depict Catherine and Heathcliff in an embrace away from the house…. The tree under which they stand has roots which are deeply entagled just like their passion and yet has lost its leaves… Chains entwining the tree to depict the bonds that they were never able to break free from…..  Vintage frames containing the very words that inspired this cake…. This was an attempt to capture Wuthering Heights on a cake…. (Gwen Lobo)


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