Monday, February 29, 2016

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Two radio alerts for today, February 29:

A new Jane Eyre adaptation penned by Rachel Joyce begins today in Radio 4:
Jane Eyre
BBC Radio 4
Monday-Friday 10:45AM /7:45PM

Award winning writer Rachel Joyce dramatises this beloved novel for the bicentenary celebrations of Charlotte Brontë's birth. A fantastic mix of injustice, romance, passion and danger wrapped up in a glorious love story.
Produced and Directed by Tracey Neale

Award winning writer Rachel Joyce and Producer Tracey Neale are the team that brought The Professor, Villette and Shirley to the Radio 4 airwaves. And now for the bicentenary celebrations it is time for the most beloved of Charlotte's novels - Jane Eyre.
Starring Amanda Hale (Ripper Street, The White Queen and Catastrophe) and Tom Burke (The Musketeers and War and Peace) the chemistry between the two as they play Jane and Rochester is both sparkling and spell binding.
Credits ...
Jane ... Amanda Hale
Rochester ... Tom Burke
Mrs Fairfax ... Susan Jameson
Young Jane ... Nell Venables
John Reed ... Tom Taylor
Mrs Reed ... Tracy Wiles
Bessie ... Katie Redford
Brocklehurst ... Gerard McDermott
Helen Burns ... Rebecca Hamilton
Grace Poole ... Debra Baker
Blanche Ingram ... Evie Killip
Mason ... Ewan Bailey
Front Row
BBC Radio 4, 7:15PM

Samira Ahmed takes a tour of the Haworth Parsonage to consider the closed world of the Brontë siblings, and the how their imaginative childhood games fed into their writing. Novelists AS Byatt and Sophia McDougall, and actor Tom Burke who plays Mr Rochester in the new Radio 4 adaptation of Jane Eyre, discuss the enduring appeal of the Brontës' characters.

Presenter Samira Ahmed
Producer Dixi Stewart.

Presenter Samira Ahmed visited the parsonage for the recording session.
Explaining her visit on her Twitter account she said: "On the trail of the infernal fantasy world of the Brontës, and it's link to modern fantasy gaming and romantic heroes..."
A spokesman for the museum said it had been "lovely" to welcome the veteran journalist, who as well as working as a BBC reporter has previously been a presenter for Channel 4. (Miran Rahman in The Telegraph & Argus)


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