Sunday, December 06, 2015

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The Daily Mail interviews the actress Diana Rigg:
Who would be your dream dinner date?
One of the Brontë sisters. I’d say Emily but I don’t think she’d be very talkative, so I’d have to choose Charlotte. I’d ask about her sisters, her life, where the inspiration for those magical books came from. It would be fascinating. (Clyde McGarrigle)
The Free Lance-Star has an article on the 1992 collection of essays The Pleasure of Reading, edited by Antonia Fraser, which has just been released again with 10 more essays.
 It is a great deal of fun, for where else can you get [...]  Irish writer Edna O’Brien shoehorning a great quote on Emily Brontë into her essay.
“I cannot conclude without quoting from a local history card which says that Emily Brontë’s death at the age of thirty was ‘possibly accelerated by the failure of Wuthering Heights and the death of her brother Branwell’—well, as they say in Ireland, ‘She’s dead, but she won’t lie down.’” (Drew Gallagher)
The Jamaica Gleaner on local political issues:
Let's face it: In what could easily be mistaken for a Charlotte Brontë romance novel about unrequited love, this DPP appears never to have seen a camera she didn't like. (Gordon Robinson)
The Journal Times interviews local twin sisters (Lori & Lisa Minneti) who have just published a novel together.
How did you get interested in writing? We’d always been readers. Our grandmother often gave us gifts of books. She’d originally given books like Wuthering Heights & Jane Eyre to our mother who passed them on, and later all the volumes of Shakespeare and Jane Austin [sic], grounding us in the classics. Our mother, who was a voracious reader, also set a good example for us to follow.
Algarabía (in Spanish) posts about the Brontës;

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