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Looking at box office results, The Guardian considers Sally Cookson's Jane Eyre 'the latest stage hit'.
On 8 December, the biggest-grossing title was Jane Eyre, beamed live into cinemas from the National Theatre, London. Unlike recent stage-cinema hits such as Hamlet (Benedict Cumberbatch), Of Mice and Men (James Franco, Chris O’Dowd), and The Winter’s Tale (Kenneth Branagh, Judi Dench), Jane Eyre is not star-driven, with the cast headed by Madeleine Worrall and Felix Hayes. The event grossed more than £450,000, with weekend encores taking the tally to £463,000. (Charles Gant)
Prospect Magazine recommends the play that will return to Bristol for a short run in January:
Yet another success story for the Bristol Old Vic. Sally Cookson’s much lauded and brilliantly edited version of Charlotte Brontë’s great novel started out in Bristol as two plays and came to the National Theatre in London as a compressed three-hour single drama. Performed on a simple scaffold set, with narrative passed as easily a baton and intensely well acted, this version now returns in triumph to home territory. (Michael Coveney)
A columnist in Portafolio (Colombia) states that,
Jane Eyre es la heroína en mi mundo literario en este momento. (Jorge Alonso Ruiz Morales) (Translation)
The Irish Echo interviews writer Kevin Barry.
Name three books that are memorable in terms of your reading pleasure.Wuthering Heights” by Emily Brontë threw me up against the wall when I was 10 years old and made me realize what a book could do – it made me realize that a book is a mode of transport. (Peter McDermott)
And ABC's Fahrenheit 451 (Spain) interviews illustrator Fernando Vicente.
Para terminar, ¿Qué libro estás leyendo actualmente? [...]
Estoy leyendo “Cumbres Borrascosas” de Emily Brontë porque es el próximo libro que voy a ilustrar. (Pablo Delgado) (Translation)
Die Welt (Germany) praises Mia Wasikowska.
Sie lief – den schwarzen Rocksaum gerafft – schön und zerbrechlich über die bitterkalten Moore von Yorkshire in Cary Fukunagas Charlotte-Brontë-Verfilmung "Jane Eyre". (Elmar Krekeler) (Translation)
A diary of a motorcycle trip from Alibag to Goa (India) in Condé Nast Traveller describes the road as follows:
And then it is night, dark and dense as black-bean soup. Headlights stab through a wispy haze as our engines thunder down a wide-open moor, picking out the road only until the next rise or bend, flying on faith and reflex. Maharashtra has suddenly transformed from a soft Impressionist canvas to something out of Wuthering Heights. (Kersi Khambatta)
Pictures of the recent wreath-making workshop at the Brontë Parsonage Museum can be seen on its Facebook page. Melbourne on my mind vlogs bout Jane Eyre.


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