Friday, October 16, 2015

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A couple of recent conferences with Brontë-related talks:
The British Association for Victorian Studies Conference 2015
Victorian Age(s)
27-29 August 2015, at Leeds Trinity University, West Yorkshire

Brontës’ Early Writings (Life-Cycle I) – in AF21
Chair: Ann Heilmann
- Valerie Sanders, ‘Unmarked Auditors’: The strange Presence of Children in the Brontë Juvenilia
- Emma Butcher, (Re)Writing Military History in the Early Narratives of Charlotte and Branwell Brontë
- Erin Nyborg, Heroic Masculinity in Charlotte and Emily’s Belgian Essays: An Apprenticeship in Victorian Authorship
Writing Lives Together: Romantic and Victorian Biography
A Conference at the University of Leicester, 18th September 2015

The Brontë Family
-  Emma Butcher [Hull],  Writing Fantasy and War: The Collaborative Early Works of Charlotte and Branwell Brontë
Emma Butcher [Hull]
-  Dr Siv Jansson, Whose Emily? The 'impossible' biography of Emily Brontë
- Kimberley Braxton [Keele],  ‘to exiled and harassed Anne wishing she was here’ – Recovering the Literary Relationship of Anne and Emily Brontë
Kimberley Braxton [Keele]


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