Saturday, October 03, 2015

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Two Brontë alerts for today from Yorkshire and Australia:
1. At the Ilkley Literature Festival:
Charlotte Brontë's Villette (1853) and the Gothic: Patricia Duncker

Saturday 3rd October, 2:30 pm
Christchurch on The Grove

Writer and academic Patricia Duncker, Professor of Contemporary Literature at the University of Manchester, explores Brontë’s Villette, a novel described as ‘too subversive to be popular’. And yet contemporary reader George Eliot saw Villette as ‘still more wonderful than Jane Eyre’, arguing that there was ‘something almost preternatural in its power.’ All the Brontës used the Gothic in their novels as a common literary currency of the times. But what is different about Villette? How does Charlotte electrify the tropes and motifs fashionable for 50 years and transform the novel into an unsettling, strange and passionate tirade on women’s consciousness and identity?
This event is part of our After Waterloo: the Brontës and their World Festival Strand.
2. In Sydney, Australia:
Australian Brontë Association
3 Oct  10:30am Dr Vasudha Chandra – Medical Mishaps and Maladies in the Brontës' Novels
Castlereagh Boutique Hotel


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