Friday, August 14, 2015

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A new production of Gordon & Caird's Jane Eyre musical opens today in Petersburg, Illinois:
Jane Eyre. The Musical
August 14, 15, 16, 20, 21 22, 2015
Theatre in the Park, Kelso Hollow, Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic near Petersburg

Book by John Caird
Music and Lyrics by Paul Gordon
Additional Lyrics by John Caird
Based on the novel by Charlotte Brontë
Directed by Mark Wheeler

Charlotte Brontë's great love story comes to life with music to lift your heart and set your spirit soaring. This beloved tale of secrets and the lies that secrets create, of unimaginable hope and unspoken passion, reminds us what it is to fall deeply, truly and completely in love. Nominated for five Tony Awards, Jane Eyre explores religion, sexuality and protofeminism, all while enchanting audiences with a timeless love story.


Jane Eyre- Marlena Roate
Young Jane- Natalie McLaughlin
Rochester- Nathan Moss
Adele- Aili Sluga
Blanche Ingram- Jorie Clark
The State Journal-Register gives more information:
“I want people to come with the idea that we’re trying to hold true to the novel itself of ‘Jane Eyre.’ The difference is obviously we have music to it,” said Mark Wheeler, director. “There’s been a lot of questions in regards to how exactly do you do a novel like ‘Jane Eyre’ to music? All I want people to see is — come and find out because it’s beautiful music.”
Jane Eyre: The Musical” is a period piece that lends well to the venue at Theatre in the Park, Wheeler said.
“You have the charm of Lincoln’s New Salem around you. In addition, you’re just outdoors and you have this stage that has permanent fixtures that kind of enhance the levels of performance we can bring,” Wheeler said. “Audiences coming, first of all, they should expect to see the story of ‘Jane Eyre.’ It sticks true to the story.” (...)
Wheeler said he hoped that when the audience sees the number “Children of God” that they will start to dive into the period and the show itself.
“It’s a powerful piece. It’s got some great harmonies in there. It’s a difficult piece for the singers, but they do a wonderful job at it,” Wheeler said. “It kind of starts the show for me.”
Another powerful piece that is near the show’s end is “Brave Enough for Love.”
“That’s a theme that kind of goes through it because if you read the story of Jane Eyre it’s not a real enlightening, happy story, how Jane is being struck through life, but the theme that goes through it and the people that she meets and befriends along the way there’s some pivotal people that she comes across and one of them is Helen Burns.” (Tamara Browning)


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