Monday, June 29, 2015

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First of all, today June 29th marks the 160th anniversary of Charlotte and Arthur Bell Nicholls' wedding.

The Telegraph discusses siblings:
Cain and Abel got sibling relationships off to a bad start. Since then, for every Brontë family, sat writing around the Haworth parsonage table together, there is a Margaret Drabble and AS Byatt, who’ve been on almost permanent non-speakers since they were children. (Glenda Cooper)
Beware of spoilers in this commentary of the adaptation of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell on Den of Geek:
Fittingly, the last word went to everybody’s favourite: Childermass (who, after that speech on the North’s hearts and minds has toppled Heathcliff from the top spot on Yorkshire’s list of literary brooding heroes). Enzo Cilenti took us right back to the start, to the snowy streets of York and its Society of Magicians. (Louisa Mello)
El Confidencial (Spain) discusses writers' homes. Gossip Press lists eight Reasons Why Jane Eyre Is Not The Ideal Victorian Woman (i.e." being beautiful, sophisticated, and obedient to her husband").


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