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More Poldark mentions from across the pond. This time from The New York Times' ArtsBeat:
“Masterpiece” fans rejoice! “Poldark” is here to upend your “Downton Abbey”-formed notions of trans-Atlantic costume dramas. A remake of the treasured show from the 1970s, based on the novels by Winston Graham, “Poldark” is far from typical fare. The servants are toothless and may have lice, the masters’ estates sit on ruined mining land and the childhood sweethearts are doomed. Brawls, dogfighting and gambling prove key features of the first episode alone, and no one sits and discusses matters over tea. In short, it’s more Brontë than Austen. (Sarah Seltzer)
Or Variety:
Much in the vein of “Wuthering Heights,” the series mixes class distinctions and romance, offering the kind of classy soap that should help keep Anglophiles’ cockles happily warmed between now and more “Downton Abbey.” (Brian Lowry)
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society was a book that was sort of tailor-made for Brontëites and it looks as if the new novel by its co-author Annie Barrows, The Truth According to Us, caters to them as well. Seattle Times reviews it:
In a novel full of richly drawn, memorable characters, bright, feisty Willa is the standout. She’s proud to be “a natural-born sneak” at the service of her neighbor friend’s “army” against a group of rival kids. When she’s not sneaking around, Willa is reading. She considers “Jane Eyre” “the best book in the world” and has surreptitiously read Minnerva and Mae’s copy of “Gone with the Wind” “ ’bout twenty” times. (Agnes Torres Al-Shibibi)
Stage Whispers reviews the Hobart Theatre Jane Eyre production:
A clever, warm empathetic, satisfying production, worth seeing - and an excuse to re-read Jane Eyre. (Merlene Abbott)
Been There, Read That reviews Wuthering Heights.


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