Sunday, June 28, 2015

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Lori War from Enhanced Classics alerts us of the upcoming release of the Enhanced Jane Eyre:
Enhanced Classics has grown out of the belief that to really understand a classic work, you have to get to know the person who was compelled to write the story.
With an Enhanced Classic readers can curl up with a novel while also learning about the author. Editions include a variety of media to blend information about the author within the novel--video interviews with respected scholars, slide shows relevant to the storyline or the author’s life, audio of music from the era, definitions of period words or translations of dialects, complete bibliographies and references. All information is meticulously researched and inserted into the text of the novel at appropriate times, such as when an explanation may be needed, so as not to disrupt the reading experience.
The first Enhanced Classics edition is Jane Eyre: An Autobiography. In this edition you will find video interviews with the Brontë Parsonage curator, Victorian scholars, translation of French dialogue, slide shows of paintings and woodcuts mentioned in the story, illustrations of the book from various years and editions and an interactive map of Haworth from the time of the Brontës:
Anne Dinsdale
Collections Manager
Brontë Parsonage Museum
Author of many books on the BrontësSandra Gilbert
Distinguished Professor of English Emerita
Unversity of California, Davis
Author of Madwoman in the AtticSandramgilbert.comJaqueline Padgett
Associate Professor of English
Trinity College, Washington, DC
So find a comfy chair, travel back in time with Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester and get to know Charlotte. I hope you enjoy the experience.
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