Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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First of all, an alert for later today, as seen in Todmorden News.
On April 28, Steve Woods will speak on ‘The History of Wuthering Heights’. The meeting commences at 7.30pm and is held at Todmorden Town Hall. All are welcome.
And the Ilkley Gazette looks at the many events that will make up Bradford’s first literature festival (May 15-24) such as
The district’s literary heritage is explored in Brontë-themed events - including a discussion of race and gender in their writing and a Brontë quiz - and a panel examining the lasting impact of JB Priestley’s writing.
Daily Xtra shares what's to be learned from Anne Lister's diary .
And what if the conditions that made such life possible — a woman of independent means gets just the right kind of education and experience that allows for the articulation of the unashamed “fairer-sex” desire and its satisfaction — produced more than just one case? How many other diaries by other heiresses might have existed? This is the era when Jane Austen is publishing her books, and the Brontës are just round the corner — but just how much are we still in the dark about the love practises of the times? (Lydia Perovic)
Finals are approaching and The Huffington Post lists 'Eleven Ways to Be a Bit Less Bad at Revision':
I wore themed outfits to my A-level examinations: dressing as Jane Eyre for my English exam, and as a cowboy for American History. (Eve Delaney)
HitFix has selected '10 awesome feminist comedy sketches'. the first of which is
1. Carol Burnett is "movie star crazy"One of the enduring treats of "The Carol Burnett Show" is the feminist undertones in many of her sketches. The fact that she's so outlandish and having so much fun is a triumph in itself, but in this sketch, we watch as a tabloid-obsessed wife is chastised by her husband for caring too much about Warren Beatty, Rod Steiger, and other Hollywood icons. How does she handle such criticism? By announcing -- through her favorite movie quotes, including "Mr. Skeffington" and "Wuthering Heights" -- that her boorish husband is too weak to handle her. Very "Born Yesterday," this sketch. (Louis Virtel)
The Brontë Parsonage website announces that they are looking for women named Charlotte born on April 21.
Many visitors to the Museum tell us that they are named after one of the Brontë sisters, so we thought it would be fitting to celebrate Charlotte Brontë's bicentenary next year with women and girls who share her name and her birthday.
Charlottes with a birthday on or around 21 April are invited to contact us at seekingcharlotte@bronte.org.uk.
Not called Charlotte but want to stay in touch with the project? Follow @BronteParsonage #seekingcharlotte on twitter -we'll keep you posted.


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