Sunday, April 26, 2015

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It seems that Morwenna J. Holman has channeled once again Emily Brontë (the third time in a few years... it seems that Emily is much more prolific dead than alive):
Bleak Spirit
Morwenna J. Holman
Publisher: (January 29, 2015)
ISBN-13: 978-1785105166

Bleak Spirit is based on the story of the tragic Brontës with Emily taking centre stage in this novel. Although we enter her mysti
cal world the sadness and futility of her brother's life reaches out to the reader and we alternately rejoice and despair as the family move through the years. Their original poetry has not been used in this book but the verses constructed still evoke those poignant feelings of the moors and the emotional tumult of their lives which transports the reader back to 19th century Yorkshire. For Emily it was always the moors and the hearth of home and in this novel the grimly austere Hawfield is portrayed as the Haworth we know and love. Emily comes out from the shadows in this novel and leaves behind something of the enigma she has been viewed with in other books but still that unique reserve of character and her desire for isolation seal her doom in her final illness. She desired to be as God made her and hence she returns to her mystical world as a free spirit, reunited with the brother she loved so much.


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