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A good reminder from The Atlantic:
So many novels largely narrated in third person actually are told to us by a character. Wuthering Heights, which I consider a masterpiece, is my favorite example of this technique: the story by the old nanny, who introduces herself. We may forget it at times, but the book is written by her—not Emily Brontë. This means all the details are based on the nanny’s perceptions; her point of view serves as a filter for the information we receive. You see this technique used by many writers—including Stefan Zweig, for instance, or by Edith Wharton in Ethan Frome. (Joe Fassler)
Culturamas (Spain) also mentions Wuthering Heights on a list of five authors who are famous for one novel only.
No. 2. Emily Bronte, Cumbres borrascosas. Publicada en 1847 con el pseudónimo Ellis Bell, la novela de Brontë se considera actualmente como un clásico de la literatura. En el comienzo tuvo duras reacciones de los lectores y los críticos, que vieron en sus páginas una historia deprimente. El tiempo sin embargo hizo justicia. (Translation)
Hilary Mantel discusses becoming a writer in El Mundo (Spain).
Cuando era niña no quería ser escritora pero, ahora, cuando miro atrás, tengo la sensación de que todo lo que hacía me dirigía en esa dirección, y creo que lo que leí de niña, cuando tenía 10 años o así; me ha marcado muchísimo. Estoy hablando de Robert Louis Stevenson y Charlotte Brontë, además de Shakespeare. Leía todo lo que me caía en las manos. (Laura Fernández) (Translation)
The adaptation of her novel Wolf Hall was filmed at Broughton Castle, which, as the Oxford Mail reminds us,
has played host to crews from Shakespeare in Love, Jane Eyre and Antiques Roadshow. (Hannah Somerville)
Scenes from Jane Eyre 2011 were indeed filmed there.


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