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Valentine's Day is approaching fast and so Boursorama (France) recommends 10 destinations for a novel-like Valentine's Day. Such as
Quant à Charlotte Brontë, elle nous guide dans les contrées pittoresques du comté du Derbyshire, dans la région des Midlands de l'Est en Angleterre. La région est truffée de manoirs gothiques d'une splendeur typiquement british pour un dépaysement assuré, tout en revivant les péripéties de Jane Eyre et d'Edward Fairfax Rochester. (Hortense Roche) (Translation)
Also V-Day- related, Hartlepool Mail features the play The Valentine Laffalang, at Westovians Theatre, South Shields.
The Laffalang team, made up of Bob Stott, Rosie Ramsey, Paul Dunn, Vanessa Karon, Stephen Sullivan and Craig Richardson, will perform Valentine-inspired sketches, which will see Widow Twanky singing Lili Marlene to the Hunchback of Notre Dame and Geordie: The Musical, while the Alnwick Radio Stage Ensemble tackle a Wuthering Heights mash-up. (Vicki Newman)
The blunder of the day comes courtesy of Forbes India in an article about houses in books.
A famous novel written a decade before the Road Hill murder, Charlotte Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, is about the upward mobility of wild child Heathcliff, and what the farmhouse ‘Wuthering Heights’ represents to him—a place of aspiration but also deep loss. (Jai Arjun Singh)
This reference to the novel in The Daily Cardinal seems more apt.
Emily Brontë’s masterpiece, “Wuthering Heights” might be most notably known as a tragic love story, but what many forget is that Heathcliff and Cathy were first and foremost best friends since childhood. Their love was thus that much more intense and epic because of their bonds of friendship. Even as people deeply in love and emotionally disturbed, they were best friends always. And while their story may have ended in tragedy, neither their friendship nor their love was a farce and it was worth saving. (Maham Hasan)
The Millions paraphrases Jane Eyre.
Married, I read her (to mangle Jane Eyre). (Henriette Lazaridis)

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  1. As a FYI, Charlotte Bronte along with Jane Austen and Thomas Hardy get dragged into the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie.

    'Tell me, was it Charlotte Bronte, Jane Austen or Thomas Hardy that first made you fall in love with literature?' he asks.